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  • Where can you supply?
    We can supply anywhere in the continental US via shipping and distribution.
  • But you keep saying you service the ARK-LA-TEX Area
    While we can ship across the United States, we have representatives in Louisiana and NE Texas. This allows customers in that area to experience in-person service that can include walk-throughs and services.
  • I AM local, so what services do you offer?
    We have decades of experience in various fields. We offer free advice, general practices, and restocking services. We also do machinery maintenance and installation.
  • What types of machinery do you service?
    We service mainly compressors and air equipment but can help find services for pumps, motors, and just about anything that moves!
  • What is this "restocking" service?
    One of our favorite services to provide is making sure you never run out of the right bolts and nut! We can come in and restock your storerooms and toolrooms so that you only stock the parts you need.

Need Assistance?

Our team of experts is always ready to help you with your industrial equipment needs. Contact us at (318) 220-8189 for any questions or concerns.

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